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Meet Sarah

My Story

What got me into Fashion/Styling: I think I've always liked fashion but had no clue how to make a/my own mark. I wanted to be a designer for awhile but that didn't go as planned (I'll explain in a future blog post) and then I started blogging about what I liked and disliked which seemed to resonate with people. That turned into people asking for advice on their style, so I researched and studied up professional wardrobe styling. Since then I've been continuously improving and gaining new clientele.

Favorite Season to Dress for:  I have to choose two Spring and Fall. These seasons have weather in AZ that are both warm and cool enough for a lightweight jacket so the options are endless.

Why do I write: It provides me the opportunity to share my creative side and my love of personal style

Style Icon: My grandparents. Both my grandma and grandpa always looked put together even in their casual clothes. I loved that and loved seeing them get dressed up when they would go to their ballroom dances with their friends. My grandma had gorgeous dresses and jewelry while my grandpa had great fitting suits and tuxs (very similar to the slim cut styles we are seeing now).

What do you want people to get out of the blog: Value first and foremost. I'd like this to a place where woman can relate to not only fashion dilemmas and wins, but also in life. I want to create a space that lets us be real about the great, the good and the bad and be ok with it. My journey just happens to be shown through the lens of clothing.



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