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I know this is late…but it’s about my Mom :)

I definitely meant to have this up in time for Mother’s Day, but better late than never. It also falls right into sharing more about all the pics and things you saw in my first post

My mom…. where I do even start? She’s an absolute rockstar and I’m talking about not only as a Mom but also in respect to everything she does outside of my sister and I.

This year, I want to share the things that I am thankful for that are a direct reflection of how she raised/raises me.

Probably the most important and impactful thing she has taught me is to have an open mind. This relates to so many topics that there are too many too list, but it’s been helpful navigating a variety of conversations from religion, politics, sexual orientation etc. While I may not agree with another person’s point, I am able to have a non-threatened conversation with them and be respectful of their views. While this may seem like a minor thing, it’s really not. Having an open mind and being able to decide for myself (without major parental bias) is a beautiful thing I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older.

I wanted her to pick me up lol she was telling me to take a normal pic hahaha

A love for travel! Growing up every summer she would take my sister and I on a three to four week camping trip to a national park. She’d map out the route and we’d stop at various camp grounds along the way and explore. I used to think everyone had those experiences growing up, but I have since realized what an amazing privilege it was to be exposed to all these different national parks, hikes, natural features etc. And also since I was/am a basketball fanatic, my mom would do her best to find us campgrounds that had some type of basketball hoop. This was no easy feat as there was no internet back then to check amenities of the campgrounds, so we had to use this enormous campground book. We’d have to flip to where we were going and then scroll thru to see what each place had and then had to call and see if they had any openings for the nights we were traveling.

Riding over the Manhattan Bridge
Her love of twisted roots we find along all the different trails we’ve been on

Support …. even when I messed up and I’ve made some major mistakes. Not every situation was comfortable for either one of us, but she never gave up. Her support came in many forms some of it was tough love, while others would be she never missed one of my basketball games. People that is not easy feat. I played basketball for almost 10 yrs (club, school teams and the Y) and she never missed one. Not any away games! You guys, she drove to Lake Havasu to watch my game and drove back an hour later. I was fortunate that she made it to all of them.

My forever hiking buddy. She now gets to make jokes about how much more in shape she is than me. In my basketball days, I could hike circles around her lol. Sadly this is no longer the case. But I do look forward to our hikes as we get to have the best conversations and she always does a much better job than me on packing what we need lol (i.e. snacks, water etc). We’ve hiked down and back in one day at the Grand Canyon twice together and we’ll be doing it again in October this year (provided Covid 19 isn’t a complete hater). Also, humble brag: my mom has hiked from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (that’s like 19miles) all in one day. You guys she did that like 3 years ago!!!!

Her love of alligator scaled trees

Lastly, but certainly not the least. Her selflessness. I’ve honestly not met anyone that matches that. She works tirelessly to advocate for those who otherwise cannot do it for themselves. As early as I can remember she has stood up for others even if it was the detriment to herself and/or reputation. Even though it’s the harder path to speak about injustices, she does. She’s marched, written letters and called her representatives, donated her time and money to help others. I’ve seen it many times first hand and everytime it blows my mind. I’m incredibly proud of her and proud to be her daughter.

She was the one who saw Duffy first and I didn’t want him. He ended up being the perfect fit and the only doggy I’ve ever seen my mom like and allow in her house lol

I could go on, but honestly she’s an absolute rockstar. I hit the adoption lottery with such an amazing mom. And I’m forever thankful for her and her love.

Love you Mom 🙂


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