NYFW ReCap & My Faves

I love all things fashion and New York Fashion Week has long been THE must see week in all of fashion. With social media, it has become more accessible than ever. For those not familiar with fashion week, here’s a brief recap. This is a bi-annual event held around New York City where a large concentration of high end designers showcase their latest ready to wear collection for the upcoming season. Ready to Wear is most relatable to people like you and I as it is close to what we will see over in the coming seasons. For example, last fall designers showcased A LOT of neon an bright colors in their collections. What did we see this past spring/summer? A huge influx of neon green and orange in everything from sneakers, fanny packs, dresses you name it. The shows at NYFW play a large part in what we will see next season, so I wanted to share with you my favorites and what I expect to be a big hit.

A much more “grown” color palette

I’m a much bigger fan of these rich but soft colors (does that make sense)? This more muted color palette will work much better on a variety of skin tones as well as age groups. The neon we saw this past season was a “young mans” game and I really couldn’t get behind it (except for the sneakers I literally just bought yesterday. lol I’m loving the tangerine orange/yellow as well as the rich greens that I think will be a huge hit for the Spring as well as this fall.

Patterns & Prints

I loved the prints and patterns I saw this past couple weeks. Polka dots were huge and I love that it is a pattern/print that really can be used in any color combination year round. It also appeared that color blocking is making it’s way back into the mix, I’m not sure how much of a fan I am of it but I think it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it. Mixing of stripes and checkered like in the trench coats above are fun and unique and can make your outfit step up a few levels with little effort.


In the past I have not been a huge texture person but I am crushing on all of it this year (it may have something to do with aging lol). The fluffiness and layers on the skirts this year were gorgeous per usual and the colors were bold but demure at the same time (which yes I think is possible in a fashion sort of way lol). The full skirts and gowns these designers showcased make me wish I had some place to wear them to! Also, how do we feel about the leather fringed skirt shown above? I love everything about it and think this would kill for both spring and fall! Lastly, what can go wrong with over accessorizing with gold or silver layered over your entire outfit. Look for this definitely in future styling projects.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Even if you are not super into fashion, NYFW is important overall to what we wear everyday. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be putting together looks that are directly inspired from the “trends” shown above. Thankfully, the ones mentioned above are timeless 🙂

Stay Fashionable,


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