The Closet Tour Part 1

I know this is beyond long over due, but there were some missing pieces that I wanted to make sure was in there before I shared.

A little bit of backstory. Some may have seen my old apartment in Downtown Phoenix and the walk in closet I had there. To be honest it was enormous and being a Phashionizta, I filled it happily. Well flash forward to moving in with J last year, we knew we needed to figure out space. My clothes & shoes needed to fit as well as his. I dunno how I managed to date the only man in AZ that probably owns more shoes than I do… but this is where we are lol. Thankfully, J’s townhome is a two bedroom, so the second room was converted into the spectacular room we call “The Clounge”.

I’ve broken up the videos that we shot pre quaratine. It’s been a good couple of years since I was in front of any type of video, so this was a great way to get more practice!

The inspiration for the closet was a combination between Pinterest, Home Depot and our imaginations.
Let’s see what is on J’s side …. does he have more clothes than me???

So, this was the first half/part 1. Comment below and let me know what you think??

Part 2 is on it’s way! Click Here


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