The Goodbye

I can’t believe I have already been at J’s place for 11 days as I write this. I definitely had every intention of writing a good bye post to my old apartment but I forgot how hectic moving is… so this will be my goodbye and hello.

For those of you new to the blog I’ll do a quick recap of what got us to this point.

J and I have been thinking of living together for probably the better part of our relationship lol. We stayed over at each others houses almost every night since we’ve met. Yes that may seem weird to some, but I’ve loved every minute of it.. and I think he did too:) So when deciding where we will end up, it came to who’s lease ended first and it just happened to be mine. Leaving my downtown apartment was tough but definitely worth it. However, I want to say a proper goodbye to the space so this is that post 🙂

How it started

I moved into downtown Phoenix more than 5 years ago. I’ve always loved those apartments and when my best friend needed a roommate I casually mentioned this place. I knew at that time there was no way I could afford their rent on my own, but a roommate made it doable. We lived in the 2bdr for almost two years, before Joanna (hey bestie) moved to Chicago. That apartment was amazing and the first home I took Duffy to almost 4 years ago. Also, fun fact I’m pretty sure there are people still that don’t believe Joanna lived there because she traveled for work basically non-stop in those two years. Yes she is real and she did live there hahha 🙂

Fast forward, Joanna heads to Chicago and I (in a slightly better financial situation) transfer to a 1 bedroom loft. I loved this apartment, it was big and sexy and grown up and it made me feel like I’m finally getting my life together. To be fair, Duffy was clearly less thrilled with the move based on him ripping the bedroom carpet up within the first month. But I still loved it.

The Apartment

This was the first apartment where I was able to buy furniture including a couch and bed and decorated. Every apartment up until that point was furnished with the love of hand me downs (I will always appreciate those that donated to my place too). But more than the things that were in this apartment are the memories. I’ve had some of my best and some of my toughest moments in that apartment. I’ve had chill nights with my amazing friends, prep for girls nights out, pool party fun and the base for all things happening downtown. I’ve had friends and exes stay with me at this apartment and in both I learned some valuable lessons about boundaries, decisions and sticking with your gut. I loved this apartment and the growth I feel like I’ve gone through in it.

The New Chapter

Last July changed a lot. With J I wasn’t sure if it was real for awhile. Our first date turned out to be us basically inseparable for the first 48 hours and then I left for 4 days for a work trip and when I got back he had bought me heels… so you could say it started out amazing. Like I said up top, we’ve been staying over at each others places for the entirety of our relationship, so living together was an easy decision. But I do think I underestimated how emotional I would be leaving my old apartment. (Side note: for those who watched New Girl Season 5 Episode 11 when Cece is packing up her apartment to move into the loft. She has this mini breakdown about the changes and leaving her space. This honestly encapsulates how I felt, there was no hesitation on my part that this is the right move for J and I, but packing up my apartment showed its finality of the decision). Thankfully, J has made it a fairly seamless transition despite us bumping heads on various design decisions lol.

My Advice

I’ve lived on my own since 2011 and it was amazing. To both single men and women, make sure you give yourself the opportunity to live by yourself. Even if it’s only for a few months, it teaches you a lot about who you are and forces you to be more self aware. Learning to take care of yourself both financially and emotionally. I can’t even count the times on my hands where I came home and just cried and let myself feel shitty and I didn’t have to explain it to anyone (well Duffy was probably confused but he’s got that unwavering loyalty thing too lol). But living on my own was crucial to my growth and who I am today and I think it works better with J because I was able to learn alot about myself. The same goes for J, he had lived on his own prior to us dating as well. All that is to say, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy just being on your own and invite people into your space only if you want them there. I think living on my own was my form of self care and I’m beyond happy I did it. Now the self care looks a little different but still is just as effective.

For this post, I didn’t want to share pics of the new place quite yet as we are still finalizing decorating. However, I will have a full post dedicated to this glorious closet I am sitting in while I write this post. Thank you all for being so patient with this sporadicness (not a word I know) of blogging, but I am back and excited to share what is to come:)

Stay Fashionable,


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